Our Vision

Over the past two decades Barbara and Bill Packard have grown or started several nonprofit organizations on a volunteer basis including St. Vincent de Paul, Flagstaff Project Homeless Connect, The Poore Medical Clinic, Full Circle Trade and Thrift, and Cash for Local Change.  All have grown and prospered under their leadership.

Full Circle Trade & Thrift was envisioned and created as a “closed-loop” model of giving, sharing and receiving, where the community is invited and engaged to serve each other. Our giving/receiving model allows for the larger community to help sustain programs that promote the arts, education, recreation, and social services in Flagstaff.

By donating, shopping and or volunteering at Full Circle you became an integral part of the Full Circle concept. In December of 2016 we passed the torch to another nonprofit, Over the Rainbow Butterfly Garden, who operate it now as The Garden, continuing the same model. Those were 4 very fruitful years as we were able to give nearly ¾ of a million dollars to local non-profits. One of the things we learned at Full Circle is that the best way to effect meaningful change is to work as locally as possible. That knowledge has guided us as we’ve moved forward.


Right after we opened Full Circle we were offered collections of small items to sell in the store, if it was a large or unique collection our audience was limited to our foot traffic and Flagstaff. It was hard to get the real value out of the collection. Like most estate liquidators we were limited to who came to our sale. We decided to try some new ideas, the internet, and dealers. This expanded our shoppers to a multi- national arena. In 2016 nearly half our total sales came from this method.

Full Circle Charities Collectibles offers people wanting to liquidate collections  a means to sell on a consignment  or donation basis to a worldwide audience. Increasing their share and also providing a tax deductible donation that will fund local charitable projects. Just imagine how much more your collection will realize from this audience than from a Saturday garage/estate sale in your front yard.

Cash for Local Change was a program brought to us in 2015 by another local nonprofit who just couldn’t seem to get it off the ground.  By 2016 we’d grown it to 21 business and were able to fund 14 local nonprofits with a total of $33,000.  In 2017 we are on track to double those numbers.

Cash for Local Change is funded by Local Businesses who donate 1% of their cash sales to fund to support Flagstaff nonprofits. It’s a win/win because we encourage Flagstaff citizens to support these businesses and pay with cash when possible thus offsetting the donation with additional business and saved credit card fees.

Full Circle People’s Pantry

The People’s Pantry has taken a fresh look at how to provide food security in Flagstaff and have opened a different kind of pantry based on the following principles:

Despite the admirable efforts of several groups in our community people, adults and children, still go hungry and are malnourished.  Our goal is to create a community based solution to that problem.  Here are the major stumbling blocks to solving this issue and our solutions:

  • We need to offer emergency food when working people can pick it up without missing work. Our solution is to be open 5 days a week Wednesday thru Sunday from 3Pm to 7pm .
  • A box full of can vegetables, and excess pantry items most often can’t be turned into a nourishing and appetizing meal. We will supplement our pantry donations with fresh dairy, eggs, and meat.
  • The one food box fit all approach wastes food and doesn’t solve the problem. Our clients will be allowed to select the food they want to feed their family right off the shelves like in a real grocery store.
  • Limiting a family to receiving one food supplement a month almost guarantees end of month shortfalls. We will allow clients to shop once a week allowing them to eat fresher more nourishing meals.
  • The need is not limited to just Flagstaff. Outlying communities need to be served. If you need food we are here to help and as long as we have food we will give it to those that need it.
  • Running a conventional Food Bank operation requires a lot of payroll and overhead .Raising the money to keep that kind of operation  dictates the kind of services you can provide. By operating 100% volunteer our gross annual overhead  should be less than $60,000 making fundraising a secondary goal.

2529 E 7th Ave, Across the Street from Cal Ranch.

Open 3pm to 7pm Wednesday through Sunday. 928-522-0111

More Information, Bill Packard 928-699-7831

The peoples Pantry takes a fresh look at how to provide food security in Flagstaff and has opened a different kind of pantry.


  • First and most importantly we need to let those who need our services, convenient hours, meat, dairy, eggs, and  no  premade boxes shop f or what you want.  Please let folks know that there is help available.
  • We need quality food donations 12 months of the year 24/7.If enough places of worship, businesses, civic groups, or neighborhoods can organize an annual food drive so that we benefit on a weekly basis we can make this thing work
  • This is about Flagstaff Helping Flagstaff, we are 100% volunteer, so we need volunteers to help collect food, sort food, run the pantry, solicit donations, and help get the word out.


ITEMS WE ALWAYS NEED:                            NOT SO MUCH:

SPAM                                                             SOUP

CHILI                                                              RAMAN

TAMALES                                                       CANNED VEGETABLES