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Featured Nonprofits

/Featured Nonprofits

December 2015

Arizona Community Foundation

December 2015|

Grant Amount: $17,430 The Arizona Community Foundation and its Affiliates steward the gifts placed in their care with an eye toward permanence and growth, and from the investment earnings on [...]

November 2015

Flagstaff Youth Chorale

November 2015|

Grant Amount: $3,677 The mission of the Flagstaff Youth Chorale is to provide music education, performing opportunities, and a variety of music enrichment activities under professional choral direction. Our vision [...]


November 2015|

Grant Amount: $3,677 In May of 1972, a group of Flagstaff citizens met in the basement of the Weatherford Hotel to form a non-profit community theatre committed to producing high [...]

Flagstaff Light Opera Company

November 2015|

Grant Amount: $3,677 Founded in the spring of 1995, the Flagstaff Light Opera Company (FLOC) is a nonprofit corporation whose sole purpose is to develop community-based musical theatre and light opera productions in [...]

October 2015

Coconino Coalition for Children and Youth

October 2015|

Grant Amount: $6,892 Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth works to ensure all children and youth in Coconino County have the resources and support they need to reach their full [...]

Grand Canyon Trust

October 2015|

Grant Amount: $6,892 Mission The mission of the Grand Canyon Trust is to protect and restore the Colorado Plateau — its spectacular landscapes, flowing rivers, clean air, diversity of plants [...]

September 2015

The Northern Arizona Pioneers’ Historical Society

September 2015|

Grant Amount: $19,106 The Northern Arizona Pioneers’ Historical Society (NAPHS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, collection, preservation and perpetuation of the history of northern Arizona. NAPHS was [...]

August 2015

Flagstaff High School Culinary Students

August 2015|

Grant Amount: $2,762 Visit the Flagstaff High School Website

Hope Cottage & Sunshine Ministries

August 2015|

Grant Amount: $22,238 The Sunshine Rescue Mission and Hope Cottage has provided food and shelter to the homeless in Flagstaff Arizona for over 57 years. They provided food and shelter [...]

July 2015

Ballet Folklorico de Colores

July 2015|

Grant Amount: $5,352 Ballet Folklorico de Colores is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching traditional Mexican folk dance. Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced classes offered. Visit the Ballet Folklorico de Colores [...]